have omeed

S., a fantastic person who has read NEED, emailed me to tell me about a website her family has created called have omeed.

This is what it says on their site:

Our mission is simple. Many powerful images from Iran’s June 2009 crackdown, especially those of Neda and the other martyrs, will not be forgotten. And they should never be. However, we wanted to assure that another set of images will define the movement as well; images of protestors protecting riot police officers. In these times, it is important to be reminded that mankind is able to look beyond the divisions we have created over the past millennia and realize that ultimately, we must all be on the same side. Thanks to such exemplary actions, we know that for the sake of humanity, there is still ????.

Zara in NEED is a total activist. It’s cool to care. It’s important to never forget. Please check out this site and see what you can do.

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