Greg Neri’s Tips

Greg Neri’s Reasons why I love Carrie Jones’ book Tips on Having a Gay Ex-boyfriend:

  1. Because it is good. Very, very good. So good that when I meet Carrie in August, I will not have to lie to her and come up with some lame excuse for praise like: “What a great choice for a text font. Is that Kennerly or Kebal MT?”
  2. Because I normally don’t read “girl” books, but this one had me all the way. And the guy characters all came off like…guys. Even the “gay” guys, who aren’t written as “gay” but as human beings (even though Dylan loves Barbara Streisand, he’s no flaming stereotype. He doesn’t accessorize or say things like “Snap, you go girl!”)
  3. Because Carrie likes to use lists. Lists are good. They might be a bit of a cheat ,but they are funny and wise. Oh, and the rest of it is deeply funny, profoundly sad, thrilling, and excruciating, all at the same time. Just like being a teenager.
  4. Because Carrie has two characters named Bob and Dylan and never makes a Bob Dylan joke. Thank god the two female leads were not called Joan and Baez.
  5. Because the book used to be called Fag Hag, which would have been brilliant (but unsellable) and Carrie wisely listened to her editor.
  6. Because Carrie has a character who loves duct tape. Loves using it, making art out of it. And he’s not a freak!
  7. Because she dares to not have chapter headings!
  8. Because she has found a way to make Commie Pinko a term of endearment.
  9. Because her main character is named Belle and she’s not a southern belle.
  10. Because it makes me proud to be in the Class of 2k7 group. I have read two 2K7 books and they are both great.
  11. Because me and Carrie share the same agent and now I know for sure that he has good taste.

Go buy this book. Now.

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